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Sophia Lorenzi

Is That Squash In My Cake?

Pastry chefs are reaching for unexpected ingredients—from bitter honey to smoky cardamom—with sweet results. Sugar and spice and everything nice are so last season.

Printz Dance Project Takes Modern Dance To Whole New Levels

The Printz Dance Project takes the idea of modern dance to a whole new level with their four-night performance of Hover Space. The show is a whirlwind of both chaotic and intimate movements played out, in part, across a second-level stage, suspended from the ceiling above Z Space’s performance floor.

Through a series of vignettes, dancers interpret life’s in-between spaces on the hovering floor, which is raised and lowered to create two parallel scenes. Hover Space combines challenging movements both on and hanging off the suspended stage while dancers simultaneously move underneath to music spun by an in-house DJ. The result is a gravity-defying meditation.

Joe Goode Performance Group's The Rambler: "Clint Eastwood Meets Siddartha"

The journey into Joe Goode Performance Group’s The Rambler begins with the set, which was created by internationally renowned puppet artist Basil Twist. As the performance begins, you are thrown into a humorous yet deep examination of the restless American spirit. Described by the company as “Clint Eastwood meets Siddartha,” the piece explores—through dance, song, and text—the consequences of living in a rootless nation. The world premiere provokes the audience to identify the innate wanderer that resides in us all.

The Scoop: There's Life Beyond the Lines at Humphry Slocombe and Bi-Rite

Pop Life
The new gelato bars by Gelateria Naia ($2) keep it local by using ingredients such as Blue Bottle coffee and St. George’s single malt. They come in fruit flavors like kiwi too. At Whole Foods, 450 Rhode Island St. (at 17th), 415-552-1155.

Obsessed! Cheryl Burr, Pastry Chef at Citizen's Band and Pinkie's Bakery on Prime Rib


"I’m kind of a prime rib snob. I love it because it’s beefy and tender, and I always get it rare. In life, beef is one of my top five favorite things. I used to work in hotels a lot, so I think that’s where I developed my taste for it. I used to try to sneak in a slice before the prime rib went out onto the buffet.

Cheap Date: Sneaky's BBQ

A pulled-pork sandwich and an appletini might seem like an unlikely pair. But when new gay bar, Rebel, located in Upper Market near Octavia, teamed up with the smoking crew of Sneaky’s Underground BBQ, it was a match made in happy-hour heaven.

Sneaky’s began, before many of the city’s new barbecue spin-offs like Rib Whip, as a Bay Area 
barbecue delivery service back in 2008 after Ben Thorne and his friend, Pat Wachter, both got laid off from their antique-dealing jobs. Having never set foot in a professional kitchen, the duo took their weekend hobby of smoking pork shoulder in the back of Pat’s Mission home to the next level by delivering their Carolina-style pork and tasty sides to friends.

Smitten Ice Cream: Made-to-Order by "Kelvin" in Hayes Valley's Proxy Project

Back in 2005, Robyn Sue Goldman had an idea, but she wasn’t quite sure how to execute it. “I wanted to re-invent old-fashioned ice cream without all the preservatives and stabilizers you get in regular ice cream,” Goldman thought.

The Raveonettes Play Bimbo's Tomorrow, Tamaryn Opens

Critics once characterized Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo by their surf drum beats and generous doses of noise layered under dreamy, two-part vocal harmonies. But decade-old The Raveonettes have evolved their upbeat lo-fi formula into a dark and soulful sound. Their fifth studio album, Raven in the Grave, which dropped last month, is a mature departure for the Danish duo—who have influenced everyone from Vivian Girls to Best Coast. Tomorrow, the band plays Bimbo’s, where they seem to return year after year. This time out, they’ve added a twist to their live lineup by commissioning a second drummer to recreate the depth of their new material onstage.

Obsessed! Chef Jen Biesty of Scala's Bistro Loves Larb

It’s weird, but I’ve always had a thing for ground meat. When I was little, I loved things like tartare and Salisbury steak. But being from an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, I hadn’t tried other cuisines and their take on ground meat until I started working in Manhattan when I was 19. There I started exploring different types of food.

SF Ballet's 'The Little Mermaid': A Tale of Sacrifice and Psychological Transformation

This is not a Disney sing-along. Choreographer John Neumeier’s interpretation of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid is much deeper, darker, and creepier than the animated movie. Andersen experienced the pain of unrequited love with both men and women, and this fable is considered the most autobiographical of his works. Neumeier pays tribute to the author with the addition of a new character, a poet, who also falls in love with the prince. A tale of sacrifice and psychological transformation, complete with exquisite costume and set design all done by Neumeier himself, the performance is a journey into spiraling desperation.

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