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Scott Mansfield

Local Craft Brewers Join Forces Create Unique Batches of Beer

The Seventy-Five

In sharp contrast to the giant beer conglomerates who are buying up their competition, Bay Area brewers are doing the complete opposite. They're collaborating with their fellow craft brewers.

Two Newly Minted Beer Events to Mark on Your Calendar

Alpha Session

It’s usually a good idea to avoid drinking alone, and two new Bay Area beer events make it easy to find fellow beer lovers to drink with.

Ten Great Beer Cocktails to Fire Up Your Cookouts

Jersey Cocktail

Cold beer is the gold standard thirst quencher at a cookout. But since nothing says, “Let’s get this party started!” like a cocktail, beer cocktails are appearing more frequently as the opening act for summer meals. So popular in fact, that brewers are beginning to package Shandies and Michelada.

Bahl Hornin! It's Time for the 17th Annual Boonville Beer Fest

17th Annual Boonville Beer Fest

Time to brush up on your Boontling, because on Saturday, May 4, Anderson Valley Brewing Company hosts the 17th Annual Boonville Beer Festival at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds.

Spring Brings Good Firkin Beer

firkin fest 2013

Spring in San Francisco means towering Easter Bonnets in Dolores Park, trashed Big Wheels on Potrero Hill, and the advent of the beer festival season.

Growler Gripes Prompt Reinterpretation of ABC Regulations

Growlers from Social Kitchen & Brewery

This past weekend, I bought a growler of Magnolia's Blue Bell Bitter at Bi-Rite Market. Once my 64 ounce swing-top glass jug is empty, I'd like to be able to refill it at say, Social Kitchen & Brewery or 21st Amendment Brewery. And although I haven’t been able to do so previously, I now could because California's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) regulations no longer prohibit beer manufacturers from filling growlers they didn't originally sell.

Dave McLean Talks About the Magnolia Expansion in Dogpatch

Dave McLean, Brewmaster/Owner of Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery

Snagging a seat at Magnolia Gastropub in the Haight has gotten increasingly difficult over the years. So, back in the winter of 2010 when Brewmaster/Owner Dave McLean announced plans to open a new and larger brewery and BBQ restaurant in Dogpatch, his patrons were both relieved and hopeful.

San Francisco Beer Week's Ten Best Events

The San Franciscio Brewers Guild Presents SF Beer Week 2013

The largest concentration of beer events ever held in the Bay Area kicks off this Friday at the San Francisco Beer Week Opening Celebration in the Concourse Exhibition Center. The premier event gets the week flowing with beers from 78 brewers, local artisan food vendors and several bands. If you go to only one event for Beer Week, this should be it.

If you're thirsty for more, here are some other choice options:

This Year's Strong Beer Month Lineup

Strong Beer Month 2013

When was the last time you walked into Magnolia or 21st Amendment and the bar wasn’t crowded? Right. But even though they pour to packed houses, the brewmasters, god bless ‘em, interrupt their already sold-out brewing schedule every February to insert six new beers just because they want to pour more season-appropriate heavies.

Dark, Spicy Beers to Warm You This Winter

Ruthless Rye - Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Winter warmer beers are often dark, rich and spicy. But if you’re looking for a hoppier alternative that still has a traditional wintery spice bite, rye beers may be a seasonal hybrid that fits the bill.

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