Vacation Hangover


As hangovers go, it’s my opinion that the worst kind is not from Champagne or tequila, but rather from vacation. Even if you enjoy your everyday life and your work is your passion, the transition from all things new and exciting back to the same old (albeit good) thing takes some adjustment.

Like an alcohol-related hangover, the best cure is the hair of the dog—in this case, more traveling. Since most of us can’t ask our bosses for time off right after returning, the next best alternative is to treat yourself to your favorite vacation-like activities in your own hometown. The best thing about doing this is that you know all the good spots to hit.

One of my favorite, low-key post-work places to get a glass of wine and snack is the Salt House. The mixed nuts, served warm with a generous drizzle of truffle honey and sprinkling of sea salt flecks, are out of this world; and the house-blend wines are both tasty and affordable (think $6-$8 for a six-ounce pour).

My friend and I stopped by last Wednesday while killing time before an event. We sat at the counter overlooking Mission Street and promptly ordered nuts and wine. In fact, we raved and raved about the nuts so much (perhaps a bit too enthusiastically) that the guy sitting next to us offered us his. I don’t think we even hesitated—after all, the nuts are served with a spoon, so there’s no Along Came Polly germ-paranoia involved. And, why waste perfectly good food? (Just call me the human garbage disposal—all my friends do.)

If you don’t manage to get out of Dodge this three-day weekend, try being a tourist in your own town—you’ll be happy you did.

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