I like flowers as much as the next girl, but I must admit that receiving a big basket of gorgeous organic vegetables at my desk was pretty much the highlight of last week. The vegetables—from deep-purple Rossa di Treviso to fat Brussels sprouts and super-sweet carrots the size of my index finger—represented the weekly harvest from Oak Hill Farm in Sonoma, who have recently begun offering weekly CSA boxes. Because of Oak Hill's partnership with Marina lunch spot Blue Barn Gourmet (Blue Barn's owner, Sam Josi, is the step-grandson of Oak Hill owner Anne Teller), Blue Barn is the pickup spot for the boxes, delivered each Wednesday.

As a current CSA member (of Eatwell Farm's excellent, waiting-list-only service), I can tell you that now is the time to sign up. Turnips and kale are giving way to spring vegetables, which means heirloom tomatoes and peaches can't be *that* far behind. For more information about Oak Hill's CSA (and to sign up), call Teresa at Blue Barn at 415-441-3232.