When Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes starts singing, you feel like the only appropriate place to be is atop of some mountain in the Alps. Their Treasure Island performance, like most of their shows, was a meditative experience - enhanced by the absolute silence from the crowd, the breeze blowing off the Bay and as drummer J. Tillman put it, "the purple mountains of majesty" in the background (which would be Marin Headlines, just to the right of the Golden Gate Bridge). Though they're more suited for smaller, enclosed venues where their impressive vocals can carry, the Fleet Foxes entranced the crowd with songs from their self-titled debut and their Sun Giant EP. With a 9.0 rating on Pitchfork, this band's got a lot of well-deserved hype - enough to draw Jack White out to watch from stage right. Check out "Sun it Rises" below.

Fleet Foxes from 7x7 Magazine on Vimeo.
video by Jason Jurgens