Hot Chip, the electropop band from across the pond, electrified things yesterday.  Serious, intent and with a lot of jogging in place, the blazer-clad Brits (complimented, in lead singer Alexis Taylor's case, by some neon orange gollashes) steadily pumped the crowd with percussion, driving keyboards and pitch perfect vocals. It was like watching a science experiment in constructing a good mood.  (It helps that Alexis Taylor looks a bit like Beeker from the Muppets).  They played from all three of their releases, but everyone was waiting for one song.  "Are you ready?" they said, just before breaking into "do it do it do it now" and this year's hit, "Ready for the Floor."   They closed with their set the way they've been known to recently, with a mellow "Nothing Compares 2 U" (Sinead O'Conner)/"In the Privacy of Our Love" medley.

Hot Chip from 7x7 Magazine on Vimeo.
video by Jason Jurgens