Viva la Vinolución! The Wine Guerrilla Rises


You may have seen his hopeful visage sprayed onto abandoned buildings or sketched in chalk on the cracked sidewalks of despair. Perhaps you've recently heard his name praised in the songs of local children or run into a band of teenagers who have left home to go in search of him. Whatever the case, there can be no doubt: The Wine Guerrilla is rising. It is his time.

"It's my version of wine socialism," he told me in his first interview with the international press (through an intermediary). "I just want people to taste the stuff and enjoy it." Of course, it is said that Americans largely fear any mention of the word socialism, but there seems to be no reason to fear the Filler of Glasses, as the local women call the Wine Guerrilla. As goes the slogan everyone seems to be repeating: "He arrives bearing the gift of wine and is the daring agent of its spirit."

There is rumor that he may appear tomorrow, Thursday the 15th. But the only way to know for sure when he might strike is to follow his Twitter updates. There he provides the time and location of his action. The wine is free. And good, very good (last time: 01' Tignanello and and Clos du Val 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve). He pours until he runs out. And then he disappears like a guerrilla into the blackest night. Besides your good will, all he asks that you bring is an empty vessel. A wine glass is the only thing the Wine Guerrilla can not provide.

Good luck to you, my friend. Go in peace.

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