Vodka Gets Flavorful With Pinnacle and Muttville


Last Thursday night, Pedro's Cantina opened its doors for an exciting Pinnacle Vodka event supporting local San Francisco charity, Muttville. Last month, we asked readers to take a Pinnacle Vodka personality quiz to prove their love for San Francisco and to discover what vodka flavor best represents them. We then invited our quiz-takers to a happy hour event, where they could taste said flavors for themselves.

Pinnacle Vodka treated a thirsty crowd to a variety of nibbles and games to experience their most popular vodka flavors, from sweet treats to a fun guessing game. Revelers sipped specialty vodka cocktail served in a shot glass rimmed with cheerfully-colored sprinkles, and the Pinnacle team challenged guests to properly identify different vodka flavors by scent alone—no tasting allowed! Trust us; it's harder than it looks.

Attendees were also allowed to indulged their sweet tooth by sampling Pinnacle’s Cinnabon vodka right alongside its frosting-clad namesake, a mini Cinnabon! To finish off the experience, guests were treated to boozy sno-cones flavored with a tasty Pinnacle Tropical Vodka mix. Pedro's Cantina featured custom-mixed Pinnacle cocktails, including the Whipped Mule (picture a classic Moscow Mule, but with Pinnacle Whipped Vodka) to the playful Honey Bun, made with Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka, Jim Beam Honey Bourbon, and lemon sour.

Donations from the event benefited Muttville, a leading local charity focused on finding qualified homes for senior dogs in the community. Muttville focuses on raising awareness and support for adoptable older dogs and aims to match guardians and dogs every day.

Images courtesy of Anna-Alexia Photo.

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