Wallpaper's Throw Back to the 90's


Music from Wallpaper can now be attributed to songs inspired by avocados, Daly City, pesto chicken sandwiches served by Gloria of Nordstrom Cafe at Stonestown, and humping.

People trickled in slowly in attempt to fill Mezzanine's 12,000 square feet of dark emptiness for Noise Pop. The $20 credit card minimum might have made people wish they had brown bagged it before the show, but quickly forgot about it when Ricky Reed took the stage in his white ensemble (including sequined blazer and blingin' gold chain) and opened the night with a throw back to Color Me Badd's "I Want to Sex You Up", which might have been just as good as the original, if not better.

In tribute to opening for Boyz II Men a couple weeks back, they finally got the crowd really moving with a cover of "Poison" and when they performed the hit track "Text Me Your Love" everyone waved their cell phones in the air. Who knew that a song about texting could be so entertaining. Wallpaper is one of the very few artists that I will accept a synthesized voice from. They closed their set with a song explicitly about humping, aka "Every Time We Do It." You can stay in the loop with Wallpaper TV or text him your love, 510-493-7835.

Check out our essential Wallpaper playlist.

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