Near what is today the intersection of Gough and Greenwich streets, Washerwoman's Lagoon took its name from the pond popular for washing clothes. (via FoundSF)

#TBT: When Beer Town, Butchertown and Washerwoman's Lagoon Were SF Neighborhoods


San Francisco is kind of weird—it's just our thing, and has always been.

So looking back in history, it's little surprise that the city was once home to some very strangely named neighborhoods. Take a look back at some of the more eyebrow-raising locales.

Washerwoman's Lagoon

(via FoundSF)

A good laundress was hard to find back in the 1850s, so the filthy clothes belonging to Gold Rush miners were often shipped to Hawaii or China (can you imagine?). But that was before people started washing their clothes in a local pond called Laguna Pequeña, at Gough and Greenwich streets. It became such a thing that laundry business eventually sprouted up nearby and the area became known as Washerwoman's Lagoon.

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