Wavves Barely Make Ripples at Great American Music Hall


While their show at SF’s historic Great American Music Hall was underwhelming in attendance, their sound left behind no doubt that a power duo is impossible these days unless carried by a lame, “are-they-married-or-siblings” mystery. No, Wavves won’t leave you guessing. Straight forward and balls out, the San Diego twosome are the ultimate mash-up of Ramones meets Beach Boys meets anything else simple, sunny and riffy.

Singer/guitarist Nathan Williams bounces about stage in burgundy skinny-jeaned glory while drummer Ryan Ulsh plays the loudest drums possible with a simple kit. While most bands lacking in members might run to the nearest Starving Musician and stock up on the hottest tech toys to fill in the holes, these guys have the guts to play behind no curtains.

However, their latest self-titled release, which is out February 3, does indeed have its fair share of affects. Yet, this does not mold Wavves into the growing blob of indie tech music. It is simply background trimmings to an already edgy sound. Of all things, it is their vulnerability that makes Wavves one of the most loveable bands of 2009 thus far. Let’s just hope their next visit to SF is a little better received than this one.


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