We Finally Found “The One” (Wine Glass, That Is)


“The first thing you need to know about The One, is that there are two.” Kris
Margerum, the Wine Director at Auberge Du Soleil in Napa Valley, is referring to the fact that writer and wine personality Andrea Robinson’s new line of glassware includes one glass for white wine and one for red. And that’s all. No Burgundy glass, no Bordeaux, no special glass for Crozes-Hermitage. Just two glasses that are great for all kinds of wines and are durable enough to use every day. (And just when you were about to give up on the whole wine glass scene and curl up on the couch with a jug of whiskey.)

Glassware is one of those things that wine drinkers either completely ignore or get totally obsessed with. It’s easy to do: Think of the way a good glass feels in your hand: the weight, the balance, the delicate stem, the way you can swirl it without sloshing wine all over yourself. Drinking wine is a sensual experience and serving it in the right glass is important. It just is. A martini just wouldn’t be a martini if it was served in a rocks glass, would it?

But Robinson, who is a Master Sommelier, knows all too well that when it comes to wine, people love to complicate things. And she has made an entire career of advocating that while wine can be complicated, enjoying it doesn’t have to be. Pulled from a single piece of glass, The One (both of them) feels as good as any crystal but is easier to care for and super versatile. From a full-bodied California Chardonnay to a nuanced Gruner-Veltliner, The One is designed to showcase all wine equally as well. Robinson and Margerum spent months tasting different styles of wine in glasses of all shapes and sizes (sounds exhausting) before coming up with this final design. Did they taste a $10 bottle of table wine? I doubt it, but that doesn’t mean The One won’t work for that as well.

Not ready to commit? Understandable. Take The One for a spin in the bar at Auberge du Soleil where, on Fridays, a flight of three whites and three reds from Margerum’s extensive wine list will be showcased and paired with complimentary bites and, as always, an incredible view of the Valley. If you decide you get along, you can take The One home: A set of four runs about $50.

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