Taxidermy takes a turn for the entertaining at Bigfoot Lodge, beloved den of flaming s’mores and other concoctions that might make you wish for an early death the next morning. But the stuffed trophies adorning the walls aren’t the expected big game moose or buffalo - i.e., the hunter’s equivalent of a muscle car. The mounted raccoon heads and what looks suspiciously like a sloth dangling from a branch might more accurately represent a hybrid, stating that Bigfoot Lodge is perfectly happy with its penis size, thank you.

But all the wood (sorry) and smaller members of genus Procyon are merely an opening salvo for the giant Sasquatch looming in the center of the room. From the fake fireplace to the giant wooden bear, Bigfoot Lodge is definitely the best place in the city to drink with a legend.


1750 Polk Street. (415) 440-2355.