When you're an America's Cup racing boat, it definitely pays to be fast on the water. But as usual, Mother Nature's own creations prove to be infinitely more fascinating. You can find out how at the California Academy of Sciences' latest exhibit, Built for Speed, which deftly proves that multi-million dollar sailboats aren't the only speed demons in the ocean.

Sailfish, sharks, tuna, and other swift swimmers can often outrun America's Cup's fastest vessels–but how? Cal Academy's Built for Speed showcases the ocean's speediest animals and their intriguing evolution and adaptations throughout history, from streamlined body shapes, retractable fins, and piston-like muscles. Visitors will also get the treat of seeing museum staff and volunteers assemble an 18-foot-long orca skeleton, examine a 45-foot-long catamaran from Oracle Team USA (America's Cup's defending champs), and learn about ocean conservation.

Visit now through September 29! 55 Music Concourse Dr., Golden Gate Park, 415-379-8000