Kissui Kiss

Last night, hosted a launch party for the Buzzed blog. If you missed it, it was a mix-off between some of SF’s most popular bartenders—Alberta (Cocktails on the Fly), Amanda (Rye), Duggan (Cantina), H (Elixir), Jackie (Le Colonial), Vard (Sip) and Vince (La Rocca’s Corner). I was running around like a madwoman, and left the mixing to the bartenders and the rating to the judges, so I’m directing you over to Buzzed to get Jordan’s recap.

As an observer, however, I could see that even though Kissui vodka was a required ingredient, no two drinks were alike. I’ve got to say that I really admired the artistry and creativity that went into creating innovative and tasty (I’ll take the judges’ word for it) cocktails. But I will throw out this: as good as the drinks were, the names were just as clever:

•    Kissui Kiss
•    Woo-hoo
•    Sugasugashii
•    Fortune and Glory
•    Rocket Bob
•    A Day Off
•    Ruby Natsumi

Judging by name alone, I’d be intrigued—wouldn’t you? But then again, what’s in a name? Check out Buzzed to see who won what!