Thirty-five of the best amateur skaters in the country descend on Fort Mason Center this Saturday - including Ben Hatchell (by all accounts a bad ass) and locals Aaron Herrington, Tristan Moss, Jerry Gurney, and Jack Given - to compete in the first World Cup skating competition San Francisco has seen in nine years. As a collective, at least. There are perhaps individual San Franciscans who have seen skating competitions in the past decade. The point is, it's been awhile since our fair city hosted this vivid maelstrom of robust youth culture. (Do I sound old? I am old.) (YOU KIDS GET YOUR SAGGING SKINNY JEANS OFF MY STOOP.)

If you're burnishing your own competitive edge, you could enter your favorite ink inscription to win Best Tattoo of the day. (Prize: value of the tattoo in cash.) Alternately, you could score the much-coveted Worst Tattoo. (Prize: tattoo removal cream.) After the skaters pack in their wheels and one lucky soul tucks a nice wad of cash in his (not at all saggy) back pocket, the bands take over. Face to Face headlines, with appearances by The Adolescents, La Plebe, and Circle Jerks.

May 8, 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Fort Mason Center. $20.