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I finally managed to get over to Poggio last week, where I'd been hearing good things about the cocktails, wine list, after-dinner drinks, and, yes, even the food. I wasn't disappointed. No driving is necessary--take a shuttle boat from the Ferry Building and it's only a few paces over to Poggio's front door.

Plenty of outdoor seating makes it easy to enjoy the long hours of a sunny evening. Upon ordering it, I worried that the Pearly Legal cocktail would be too sweet, but this mixture of Pear Grey Goose, Triple Sec, fresh pear purée and basil-infused simple syrup was well balanced--not too sweet at all. The wine selection is excellent, with an emphasis on fine Italians and some very well-priced older vintages of Piemontese wines.

After dinner, I was surprised and delighted when wine director Nicholas Nahigan recommended a caffé correcto. Normally, this is something that is concocted discreetly--it simply means an espresso "corrected" with a half-shot of grappa and is what the old guys in Italy like to drink. I love it, but hadn't had it offered to me before in a restaurant. Anyway, they've got a good grappa list there, which can be enjoyed with or without coffee.

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