When the Wine Girl Hits the Bar


If you look closely at this photo, you'll notice that each of the bottles has something in common. That's right, they're either empty or well on their way. The reason they got that way also has a common factor—my wife. She's a wine expert and her taste in wine is exceptional. So I was surprised to discover—well before we were married—that Christie's taste in after-dinner drinks runs to the sweet side of things.

All of the spirits shown here are quite saccharine. On the left is the exquisite Yellow Chartreuse VEP, one of Christie's favorites. Next to it is American Honey, a new product from Wild Turkey that fuses bourbon and honey—she's almost done with that one. Next to that is just a sample bottle of what is an exceptional liqueur, Amber, from Macallan, which is a blend of scotch and maple syrup—Christie polished that off forthwith. And then next to that is a very expensive bottle of what is a blend of old and fine barrels of orange liqueur, the Grand Marnier 150. Not pictured is the Amaro Nonio, which she finished on her own long ago.

It's true that she's accomplished this depletion over a long period of time, but also with stealth—I rarely see her actually drinking anything. But since she rarely drinks anything stronger than wine, I’m pleased that she's hitting the bar. Only problem is I'm not sure what to stock when she gets through these bottles. Any suggestions of quality, sweet spirits for her to try next would be greatly appreciated.
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