The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is raffling off a 2.4 mil dream house to raise funds for the organization. The official site lists its whereabouts as in the Inner Sunset, but to get our $150 for the raffle ticket, a little more information was needed. After all, in a city of four-square block neighborhoods, the Inner Sunset is truly a behemoth, stretching from Arguello to 19th Ave and Lincoln to God knows where (Ortega? Noriega? Taraval?). A dream home next to the entrance to UCSF's emergency room didn't sound appealling, nor did one in the alphabet streets lettered N and beyond. But after a little snooping, we were able to find the YBCA house in quite a lovely area. Where, you ask? Well, there's the hitch - we're not telling. Guessing is so much more fun. Here are our hints - it is in the single digit avenues, in between Lincoln and Judah. Above is the street view, and the tell-tale sign you've found it is the freshly-paved sidewalk out front. Do tell if you've seen it. Would you consider it your "dream house"?