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Which Of These Local Etsy Shops Should We Feature?

Thanks so much for sending in your nominations for your favorite local Etsy store. Lots of great stuff in the mix. Which one should we feature in our November Design issue? You tell us!

Voting: August 25-September 9
Winner Revealed: September 10th

Vote Below. (You can vote 1 time per 24 hours)

1. Lisa Congdon


2. She's So Creative


3. Cottage Farm


4. Rabbit Foot Fern

5. Double Parlour


6. Found Made New

7. SF Painted Love


8. Gems and Stuff


9. Dutch Door


10. Gooseberry Press


11. Drywell


12. India Blue


13. Vanessa Gade


14. DIY Costumes


15. Caitlin Kuhwald Illustration


16. Opus Magnum


17. Vicavere



18. Yvonne's Pearls