The long, sweaty and brutal fight for Nate "The Moose" and Kai "The Half-Asian Sensation" of San Francisco-filmed White Collar Brawler culminates in a final showdown tomorrow night. The guys, who ditched the grind of their 9-5 jobs to get down and dirty and become amateur boxers for reality TV, are bringing their Fight Club-esque skills to the boxing ring to settle the show's most pressing question: Team Nate or Team Kai?

Think it's just a stunt? These lifelong friends have been training for months to beat the pulp out of each other! They're not going to just give each other a hug. See them get it on at Westwind Boxing in Berkeley. Doors open at 7 pm, and fighting music will be provided by Turf Feinz. Before the main event, there will be five (!) boxing matches, including a girl fight, that you won't want to miss.

Get a slice of the action for $25 (at the door), $20 (online), or $50 for a VIP pass. And just because these dudes are possibly going to be getting bloody doesn't mean you shouldn't dress to the nines. There will be an after party at the Missouri Lounge to celebrate the champion.