Courtesy of the Onion Society for Beer Enjoyment

Oh, first week of the new year. You should be a happy one—in light of the fact that your very existence means we’re that much closer to a new president. But there’s a definite bluesiness associated with you that propels people like myself to hit the town and avoid pursuing any resolutions. And who better to avoid self-improvement with than the Onion Society for Beer Enjoyment? Said society is co-sponsoring an evening of filmic quirkiness with McSweeney’s this Wednesday night at Rickshaw Stop (, during which the copyright-on-clever literary institution will be celebrating the release of the latest installment of their Wholphin DVD series. Come for the free beer, stay for the film short “The Russian Suicide,” in which Dennis Hopper + 23 sticks of dynamite = performance art worth toasting to 2007 to. 

Courtesy of Rickshaw Stop