courtesy of Unkle

Remember last New Year’s Eve, when we talked about how the most effective way to ensure a successful night out on a much-hyped holiday is to go to a concert?  This rule applies to Halloween. My choice for this year’s festivities is the UNKLE show at Mezzanine. Let me tell you why: 1. UNKLE power house duo James Lavelle and Richard File are touring the US with a band for the very first time, which totally solves the “which–is-better-for-a-party, a band or a DJ?” conundrum. 2. They’re not just any DJs, silly. Have you heard UNKLE’s latest album, War Stories, which just so happens to include one of my favorite electro-rock tunes of 2007, the Duke Spirit-featuring “Mayday”? Look it up. 3. Castro who? Concerts at Mezzanine are pretty much a party anyways. 4. You can win free tickets. Visit our sister site,, to find out how: