Claire Chafee explores metaphors of sexual and genetic identity in her surreal comedy about a complex family of women. Lili is a lesbian P.I. who makes her living stalking men who stash their wedding rings in their wallets and hit the bars. Her sister Mary is a drifter who channels Joan of Arc while robbing convenience stores. Their mother, the indefatigable Eleanor, is an anthropologist who claims the lesbian brain is divided into three sections - memory, lust, and hammering doubt. 

Why We Have a Body premiered at the Magic in 1993, selling out for six months before it was produced Off-Broadway and around the country. One of the longest running plays in Magic Theatre’s history, this wryly poetic work returns for an encore. 

August 31-October 2. Magic Theatre, Building D, Fort Mason Center. Tickets are $30-75 at 415-441-8822 or