Will He, Won't He?


The chef of the hour: Where will he go next?

I’m a little ashamed that it took a visit from Food and Wine editor Kate Krader to uncover the rumor that Ritz-Carlton chef Ron Siegel, together with sommelier Stephane Lacroix, may be heading over to Myth to take over the abandoned posts; the news was also delivered via a thinly veiled haiku in last week’s Tablehopper. But at this point it’s all rumors—or so everyone claims.

The latest from the Ritz-Carlton’s affable flak, “Ron and Stephane Lacroix, our Sommelier, were approached recently about involvement with another restaurant. They are studying the ramifications of this and are kicking the tires, so to speak, regarding what was presented to them. It's very early in their research period, and they have made no agreements at this time. Ron and Stephane continue to be valued members of our team at The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco.”

In other words, no comment. But I love the image of Ron and Stephane kicking Myth's tires.

More on the chef shuffle: The Fifth Floor chefs, Charles Kleinman and Jacob Des Voignes are now ensconced at Fish & Farm, Jeremy Emmerson, the cute Four Seasons chef, has flown the coop for Austin, Texas, and the last day for LarkCreekSteak chef Jeremy Bearman is January 18th—he’s heading to New York (thanks to Eater SF for the news). I’ve heard if you can make it there…
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