Everyone knows the Cal Academy is rad. It's the greenest museum on earth and it houses some bad-ass penguins. We're giving away two tickets to their rockin' Platinum Behind-the-Scenes Tour, which gets you past the lines and into the Planetarium (reserved seats! hawt) and the Rainforest. We smell a pretty impressive date! To win, watch the video and answer the following questions in the comments. We'll pick a person who gets them all right to win! (Fine print: All Platinum Behind-the-Scenes Tour participants must be 8 and over).




1. What year was the California Academy of Science founded?

2. Which world-renowned architect designed the California Academy of Sciences new building? 

3. How many hills are featured on the Academy’s living roof? 

4. What does the dept. of Ornithology and Mammalogy study? 

5. What is the California state mineral?