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High-quality German engineering, sleek design, hot colors – no, we’re not talking about the latest European car – we’re talking about MAVEA, the expert in water filtration.

Why hide your water pitcher in the fridge like every body else? MAVEA water filter pitchers come in all kinds of fun colors like Ruby Red, Eggplant, and Sage Green that you can proudly display on your dinner table. (No more white! Though they come in black and white too if you prefer.)

MAVEA is, hands down, the best water filtration system on the market. What makes it better than the rest?

First off, it’s proven to significantly reduce chlorine and other unwanted nastiness from your water. It’s BPA free and safe with its special silverized filter which inhibits the growth of bacteria for a longer filter life. Not to mention, the design is unparalleled – there’s no need to pre-soak filters, the pour-through lid makes refills quick and easy, and the change indicator measures your filter’s life by length of use, your consumption, and quality of your water. And, 100% of MAVEA filter are recyclable.

It just may be the sexiest water pitcher you’ve ever had.

How good is it? Some of the world’s leading espresso makers and hot beverage machines (like Tassimo) use MAVEA filters for quality because they reduce the hardness of the water which vastly improves the taste and flavor of food and drink. Because, really, who wants to drink limescale build-up? (And, lime eventually destroys your cooking appliances. Who knew?) Not to mention, MAVEA had a big presence at SF Cocktail Week.

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