W Hotels and WIRED magazine hosted a W Happenings shindig last week to celebrate the debut of the first temporary pop-up WIRED Store Kiosk at W San Francisco. W Hotels in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Diego also have these installments, carrying WIRED's top technology picks for the holiday season and all of which will stay open for 10 days.

Angela Chou_Josh Peerless Antoine Miller_Ariel Wyatt Hue Quach_Jeff Tsang
Angela Chou, Josh Peerless       Antoine Miller, Ariel Wyatt           Hue Quach, Jeff Tsang

Heidi Smith_Sita Bhaumik Tim Narita_Elizabeth Beauchamp
Heidi Smith, Sita Bhaumik                                                                Tim Narita, Elizabeth Beauchamp

Dallas Kashuba_Vida Kashuba_Heidi Glasser Michelle Denby_Beth Grinberg
Dallas & Vida Kashuba, Heidi Glasser                                              Michelle Denby, Beth Grinberg

Michael Molina_Michelle Linton_Sally Esposita Kerry St. Joseph_Blake Bowen
Michael Molina, Michelle Linton, Sally Esposita                                Kerry St. Joseph, Blake Bowen

Kenneth Berger_Sita Bhaumik_Roland Smart Joel Fisher_Demetrius Martin
Kenneth Berger, Sita Bhaumik, Roland Smart                                Joel Fisher, Demetrius Martin

Blake Bowen_Chris Wu_Steven Zaharis Shira Lazar
Blake Bowen, Chris Wu, Steven Zaharis                                          Shira Lazar

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