You gotta hand it to Philadelphia’s the Teeth: three of the group’s four members have done time hawking cheesesteaks and the guys are known for exhibiting a zeal for outdated fashions at shows (brilliant news for those who’ve been holding onto their fannypacks of yore). If that isn’t the modern day definition of keeping it real then I don’t know what is. Their latest album, You’re My Lover Now (Park the Van Records), contains yelps aplenty for the Clap Your Hands set, treads lo-fi Pavement territory in its off-key moments and comes fully stocked with Kinks-approved howls. There’s even musical revue style, form-your-kickline-here sonic opportunities (see: “Ball of the Dead Rat”). Basically, the quartet has something for everyone in the indie rock family. And for those whose popular complaint is the lack of dancing activity at shows, their upcoming gig with labelmates and fellow city-of-brotherly-love-dwellers Dr. Dog has a 90% chance of giving you what your Converse-clad feet have been so desperately craving. See the Teeth open for Dr. Dog on July 13 at Café Du Nord.