Luring entertainment-seekers into the rabbit hole of fringe theater for over a decade, the Women on the Way festival is back again with innovative theater, multimedia dance, comedy, music, and yes, boobs. 

To those boobs: Project Bust chants a litany of euphemisms for breasts (the English language boasts many) as it plows through comic interpretations of feminist tropes. Another highlight is The Dark Season, a MacBeth-inspired dramatic experiment that uses texts from Dante and Zen Buddhism to shift the original story, allowing transformation to overcome destruction. Cultural displacement rules in Libretto, a collaboration between a poet, cellist, and four dancers. And BodiGram Dance Company seduces the audience with a refreshingly straightforward approach, one that believes popular music and horseplay have the same claim to art as avant-garde cello and modern dance. 

January 13-30. Shotwell Studios, 3252-A 19th Street. Tickets are $15-20 at 415-289-2000.