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Whenever I tell people what I do, I always have to deal with those awkward first few minutes in which I’m certain they’re thinking one of following: Is she a prostitute? A slut? A sex maniac? Is she insane?

Once they understand that I have a talk show not about my sex life per se, but about those of other people, they want to know who’s my favorite guest.

For the record, I don’t have a favorite (nor I do play favorites with ice cream flavors, colors or vacation spots), but I do love the shows that I have with women just sitting around and talking about sex.

Probably because women talking about sex is really so natural, because that’s what we women have been doing since the beginning of time. Growing up, we were told men were the talkers, but the truth is men’s conversations around sex seem to boil down to:

A.  I banged her.
B.  I tried to bang her.
C.  We will bang at some point in the future.
D.  She had a hot friend … maybe I can bang her?

with Jen Sincero, author of The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

With women, it’s much more intricate: He touched me this way; I can only have orgasms on top; I like when we use toys; [so-and-so] is my favorite toy. … Women talk about how fast their partners need to move to bring them over the edge, and women like to share their oral sex tips (especially after tossing back a few drinks).

Here’s a quick video of the show I did with 3 women talking about sex in SF:

The first one is with Coral Smith from MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York. She’s single living in San Francisco, and within the first 5 minutes of her sitting down, I knew what her favorite vibrator is (the Hitachi Magic Wand), how difficult it is for her to orgasm and how she keeps her breasts “snappy.”

with Coral Smith from The Real World

Next Eva, an “urban cougar” (www.urbancougar.com) in San Francisco, talks about why she likes younger men and what a guy needs to do to pick her up.

Then Lindsay, a dancer at The Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, told me what she’s like in bed and exactly how she teases men. She then shared some sex tips with me.

You can find the entire podcast here at www.sexwithemily.com/listen.

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