Greetings blog peepers,

I am devoting this electronic missive to the one topic that has flooded my mind, excited my bones, warmed my heart and made me feel like a teenager all over again this week: the reformation of my favorite band, The Police.

courtesy of The Police

Yes British rock trio The Police; Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland performed together this week for the first time in more than 20 years in Vancouver, Canada. And might I add, to much fanfare and critical praise. 

There have been many band reunions over the years; Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Blondie, New Order, but The Police reunion was the one I hoped and prayed for but thought would never happen.

Like dreams and kisses, when bands reunite, it's best for one to experience it firsthand. So I will be there in Oakland in just a couple of weeks when the Police tour rolls into town.

I am, pants down, the world's biggest Police fan. Well, I am a fan, not a diehard or hardcore but fan enough to shell out top dollar for the best seats in the house when they play Oakland in June—$250 a piece, yikes.

My love for this Brit band of three started when I ws just a kid. It was the Summer of '78, "Roxanne" was a hit in the UK and the sound of that one song would spill through the walls of my brother's bedroom. I was hooked on their arresting sound. Of course, at age 9, I had no idea that the song was about a hooker; it is.

As I grew up, my brother Rory would pass on his used Police records one by one. And ooh how I loved the sound of that vinyl, crackles, pops and all. The Police never sounded so good: Sting's falsetto, Stewart's massive banging beats and Andy's tasty guitar solos. Their sound was fresh and unique and from 1978 to 1983 was the soundtrack to my life.

My love and appreciation for The Police deepened when in 1983 I witnessed them "live" in concert. Sting and his musical men sounded better than vinyl and were just feet away from my eager, hysterical, sweaty 14-year-old self. That February night was the musical high of my life, and to this day I have not had a musical moment to beat it.

courtesy of Sting

So, Police fan or not, I encourage you to lend your ears to my list of favorite Police songs. You will find them all on itunes.


And here are a few essential Police links, including a few online shrines to the members of my favorite band.
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5. See Police tour moments on Enter "Police live" in search bar.
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A massive welcome back to The Police. Perhaps I will see you at their June 13 show in Oakland?
May my second musical date with Sting, Andy and Stewart be as good as the first. I hope so.