World's Largest Light Sculpture to be Installed on the Bay Bridge for 75th Anniversary


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Internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal is installing the world’s largest light sculpture in honor of the 75th anniversary of the bridge. People in San Francisco will start to see a flicker of lights along the suspension cables of the Bay Bridge next month, and by March the entire western span will be illuminated with tens of thousands of lights.

“The piece will be a mirror of the activity around it,” Villareal said. “I am working with technology in a certain way and adding another layer to the bridge.”

This abstract art installation, called The Bay Lights, will be 1.8 miles long and rise 500-feet above the waters of the bay. Twenty-five thousand individually programmable, energy-efficient LED lights will be carefully strung along the bridge’s cables. Once fully installed, the lights will dim and brighten mimicking the ocean, fog, and human activity around it. “Exactly two years ago today the idea of The Bay Lights flickered in my head,” said Ben Davis, the project organizer. “It hit me that the bridge could be not just a bridge but a canvas.”

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