X-Ray Friendly Bag: A Jetsetter Must-Have


If, like me, you spend more time in airports than you do in your own house, your laptop has no doubt fallen prey to your jetsetting ways. With today's inane over-the-top security measures--I can take a sharpened pencil on my flight but not dulled tweezers or plastic knitting needles?--where you're required to practically remove everything but your intimates, it's no wonder I've gone through three MacBooks in two years.

But no more.

Recently, I stumbled upon laptop bag line Brenthaven that promise a breezy experience through security without the impact on your computer. I was skeptical--what if the TSA employees didn't recognize such an advanced product?--but alas, they do (the first bags of this kind were approved by the last year) and it has improved my airport experience significantly. No more fumbling around to remove my computer from its case, no more laptop banging around on the belt.

The bag I have simply unzips in half, and my Mac can be scanned from the safety of its padded home, no removal necessary. While aesthetically I prefer the slimmer sleeves, you can't pack any metals or electronics in the bag with these models. I am no light traveler and prefer to carry everything on, so I require space for my BlackBerry, iPod, books, magazines, wallet, passport, snacks, adapter, camera, chargers and more. Thus, I opted for the ProStyle BF-XF, which is a full-on backpack outfitted with so many nooks and crannies, I often lose track of where I put what. (One thing's for sure: I'm no longer pressed for storage room.) Sure, it's not as pretty as the more feminine varieties, but I plan on jazzing it up a bit with the help of some patches I've collected on the road and my (fiance's) trusty sewing machine.

With an array of styles and colors, Brenthaven offers quite a number of choices for your laptop. Not only will you be that person who whizzes through security and is the envy of all the other disgruntled passengers unloading their electronics on the luggage belt, but your computer will thank you, too. This I guarantee.


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