I have a black apartment.  Meaning, I have an apartment that mostly has black walls.  It's daring, yes, but I think it works really well in my light-filled Victorian home.  It's also really fun to buy furniture and home accessories.  I have to be extra careful because, you know, my apartment is black.  One of my favorite rooms in my apartment is my home office.  It's got a lot of pop, and I spend most of my days there.  People always ask me where I bought the furniture and home accessories, so I thought I'd share some of my local finds with you.  The white wall stuff is the Algue by Vitra, and it's available at Zinc Details.  The waste basket is the Graphic Can by Umbra, and it's available at the Container Store.  The desk is the Stockholm Desk and is (gasp!) available at Walmart.  The rest of the stuff was purchased either out of town or at the Alameda Flea.  What do I love most about my home office?  I didn't pay more than $200 for anything in it.  Score!