First they took over Wine Country, now the world – Or at least the world according to Google Maps. 

Google and Uber are clearly joining forces for world domination with the newest update to the Google Maps app on both iOS and Android. Among rad new features like accessible offline maps, lane guidance, and local bus schedules, is the ability to call an Uber straight from the navigation app.

And that's not all – Google Maps will now compare Uber prices and travel time as one of your options when you search for transit and walking directions in San Francisco or the other 56 US cities with Uber service. Choose the Uber option and the car-sharing app will open with just one click. Magic! 

The obvious favoritism, however, must have other ride-share companies clenching their fists. Google has had a longstanding relationship with Uber, but we'll just have to wait and see if the app works with any competitors, or if this is an exclusive affair.