It's that time of year...
Photo courtesy of Stan Grossfeld/Boston Globe

I’m quite certain that I’m the only person on our editorial staff who cares about baseball. My boss thinks I’m joking when I say I might have to move around my schedule in order to catch some of the upcoming Red Sox v. Rockies World Series. I know, I know, we’ve got a magazine to put out—but hello! Red Sox in the Series?! Where’s the nearest big screen?

Now that the Giants and the A’s are out of the picture, you’re free to concentrate on willing Boston’s best to victory. If you’re at all superstitious, you know that your team’s potential victory rides on watching the same game in the same place, preferably with the same group of friends. This, folks, is the time for ritual. So forget all the AT&T haunts. Save your visit to Acme Chophouse until next season. Get yourself over to the Connecticut Yankee, squeeze into a table alongside the other fans, order a burger, their delicious onion strings and a pint of Boont Amber Ale and steel yourself for the sweet taste of victory.