If you’ve ever idly wondered what post-apocalyptic New Jersey might look like, wonder no more. When the world collapses in on itself and starts to melt into space - literally, like cheese over nachos - plan on monster seahorses and Canadians who’ve decided cannibalism is a good response to the end of life as we know it.

Mika escapes to the moon, in hopes of solving the mystery of her destroyed hands. Her brother Kale pursues her through a surreal world of mutant dogs, cannibals, and giant sea creatures so they can both find forgiveness at the end of the world. Innovative and intriguing, Into the Clear Blue Sky is the second play in a world premiere trilogy by J.C. Lee. 

Through April 30. Phoenix Theater, 414 Mason St. Tickets are $15-17 at 415-913-7272 or sleepwalkerstheatre.com.