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All right, folks, listen up--this an important announcement:

Monday is the new Friday! To wit, the only way that we will ever be able to make peace with Mondays is to celebrate them, not loathe them.

Which is why this Monday, June 25, from 6 to 9 p.m., there is going to be a party, and you’re all invited. It's at Sip Lounge on Broadway, near the tunnel. Come, and let’s start forging new diplomatic relations between us and Monday.

Not only that, but another point of this party—if there really needs to be one—is to celebrate mixology in San Francisco, which, if you haven't noticed, has taken off like condo-building in SOMA. Right now this city's cocktail scene is one of the most happening in the country, as I was recently told by a young barman who moved here from D.C., leaving a top job just so that he could experience what's going on here.

You, dear Buzzed readers, are lucky in that you get to experience this phenomenon every day, even on Mondays—and especially this coming Monday. This I know since you voted for your favorite bartenders in our poll.  Thanks to your votes, we are assembling several of SF’s most popular bartenders for an informal, light-spirited pour-off at Sip.

I’ll be one of the judges along with Nish from Yelp and the winner of our random drawing from the list of survey voters. Adding fuel to the fire, we're also celebrating the publication of the cocktail book Hip Sips by Chronicle Books, SF's own mega-publisher, and Kissui, the preeminent Japanese vodka.

The invite's below. Look forward to seeing you on TGIM!

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