Ziploop Launches App to Take Paper Receipts Out of Shopping


In an increasingly paperless world, its perplexing that we’re still handed paper receipts after every transaction. They account for about 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water to produce per year, and that’s just in the US alone. So how do we cut down on something so unnecessary?

Ziploop is looking to take on the task. Last week, the San Francisco-based company launched a new mobile app that hopes to make shopping a “paperless” world for consumers, allowing its users to collect and effortlessly organize their shopping activities across all their desktop and mobile devices. 

The mobile tech startup also allows its users to take snapshots of their receipts, coupons, and rewards (among other things) and store them by name, date and location of purchase so people can shop without the hassle of collecting them for such things as business expenses or personal tax deductions. 

“Shopping is great fun but the amount of paper that accompanies it can be a real annoyance. Sometimes it seems like receipts, cards and coupons are all over the house yet still time is wasted rifling through purses and bags looking for the right receipt or reward,” said Ziploop Co-Founder Sandra Breber through the company’s latest press release. “It is fantastic to be freed from all that paper and have it neatly organized and easily accessible from your mobile phone. You can even receive alerts so that you don’t miss out on expiring rewards.”

Other mobile shopping apps like Shopkick and Key Ring also aggregate such rewards, but Ziploop makes the added effort to give its users the added functionality of storing receipts and more.  

The app is definitely a step in the right direction for paperless shopping. And Ziploop CEO Peter Jackson believes he can add even more to the app to make the user experience more worthwhile. 

“We simply are developing more and more tools to help the consumer organize and manage shopping,” said Jackson. “This includes maximizing discounts, exchanges, rewards and proof of purchase/warranties. A single mobile application can replace a purse full of paper.”

This isn’t Jackson’s first time around the block in the San Francisco/Bay Area tech industry. The Ziploop CEO was a recipient of the Red Herring Entrepreneur of the Year Award, a 3-time finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award and even founded Intraware, a Bay Area tech company specializing in digital asset delivery services for enterprise technology publishers. 

Jackson’s latest venture is definitely a noble one, which says a lot for a Bay Area tech industry that aspires to greener innovation. And if that so happens to coincide with an idea that makes shopping a bit more painless, then all the better. 

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