Marijuana Light: How to Stay Lifted Without Losing Reality

Marijuana Light: How to Stay Lifted Without Losing Reality


It's perfectly appropriate to want to get high. (It is legal, after all, and nothing legal can be all bad.) It's also acceptable—nay, responsible—to want to get only a little bit high.

Like the easy, bubbly buzz of a single mimosa (or two) rather than 20 on a Sunday afternoon, cannabis' benefits are best felt when you can still feel them—when you can still feel anything at all, rather than struggling in a dab-haze to rediscover reality and if you still have a place in it. You want to alter reality just so, to feel warmer colors and hear fuller sounds, rather than blow it apart.

Finding that happy place—the tickle in your brain-pan gently pulling your mouth into a grin—can be tricky. Microdosing is all the rage in Silicon Valley, sure, but that's not getting high. Gobbling super-strength edibles and the race to pack as much THC in single hit is the cannabis equivalent of a fraternity hazing ritual. But rejoice! We, too, appreciate a mellower high, and we have a few favorite methods of getting there.

First! Keep in mind that generally, "one dose" of cannabis has roughly 10 milligrams of THC. But! The actual effect on the body and brain hinges on factors including personal tolerance, method of ingestion (Edible? Flower? Smoke? Vape?), and what (if any) terpenes and other cannabinoids or present.

Keep it contained, keep it cartridged

We understand the satisfaction that comes from inhaling cannabis, and we also appreciate the desire to vaporize rather than smoke. Cartridges like Ringo's Blackberry(4:1 CBD:THC; $50 at Vapor Room, by delivery, and Legion of Bloom's line of "Re:" products (Re:Vive, Re:Zen, and Re:so on) are all designed to augment rather than deconstruct your reality ($60, check website for availability). Because we like being able to talk to you when you're high—really, we do!

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