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#TBT: Scandalous Moments and People in San Francisco History


For this week's installment of #TBT, we focus on some of the obscure, shady, and downright criminal goings-on of the San Francisco yesteryear.

The Barbary Coast, for instance, was full of vice. Bootlegging and gambling were commonplace in speakeasies during Prohibition, and a slew of shocking crimes—before and since—have made spines tingle all across America.

3. The Crooked Political Boss of San Francisco

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Known as "Boss," Abe Ruef was as SF-born lawyer and politician who, at one point, controlled the city. He tried to get Chinese immigrants kicked out of Chinatown, handpicked and puppeteered Mayor Eugene Schmitz, and also gained control of several judges, the board of supervisors, and the chief of police. In 1907, Ruef plead guilty to bribery after all the supervisors testified that they received money from Ruef in connection with various shady deals having to do with, among other things, gas rates and prize fighting.

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