A lobby card from the 1936 film 'San Francisco.' (Courtesy of silverpetticoatreview.com)

Official San Francisco: 10 things that represent the city (do you know them all?)


We all love our city, but as editors of this here San Francisco magazine, even we didn't know that SF had an official musical instrument.

In fact, there are several things that are official to the city, many of which have been part of our DNA forever. Read up and take notes—this may come in handy the next time you hit trivia night at Vinyl.

(via SF Citizen)

The dahlia became the official flower of San Francisco on October 4, 1926. The resolution states that it was chosen partly because it "partakes essentially of the character of our beloved city, in birth, breeding and habit, for it was originally Mexican, carried thence to Spain, to France and England in turn, being changed in the process from a simple daisy-like wild flower to a cosmopolitan beauty....In its versatility, its beauty, its infinite variety of color and form, it is the very symbol of San Francisco life and of the spirit of her people."

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