Fiery, sweet, or peppery, there's nothing quite like a good Bloody Mary.

When it comes to brunch cocktails, beyond a yummy mimosa, there's no denying that the Bloody Mary reigns supreme. With a multitude of pungent flavors varying from mild and sweet to spicy and zesty, the options are endless; and with a tomato base and celery and pickled green beans for toppings, it's basically a salad, right? You can even toss in a bacon strip for some protein. We won't tell.

Finnegans Wake

The Bloody Mary at Finnegans Wake is so good, it won the best traditional Bloody Mary at the Bloody Mary Festival twice (in 2015 and 2016). Its award-winning ingredients include Marz vodka, horseradish, and Sacramento tomato juice. // 937 Cole St. (Cole Valley) ,