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Whale Almost Collapses onto Kayakers, USAToday

Two kayakers had a very close encounter over the weekend as a breaching humpback whale landed on top of them. Onlookers during a Sanctuary Cruises whale tour outside of Moss Landing, Calif., saw the whale take the couple under the water...Video of the frightening sight was taken by Sanctuary Cruises passenger Larry Plants."

3,000 Bicyclers to Power Oakland Music FestivalSFWeekly

The Bay Area loves its bicycles, so it's fitting that this Sunday over 3,000 people will use them to generate electricity for another thing the Bay Area loves: a free, day-long music festival. Artists often say they get their energy from the crowd's response. Well, at Bicycle Music Festival VIII performers will literally be powered by the audience.

Oscar Mayer Creates "Sizzl", a Dating App for Bacon Lovers, TIME

Oscar Mayer‘s latest gimmick is a dating app to help bacon lovers meat one another. The app uses GPS to find other app users locally or nationwide, and similar to the way Tinder works, users “like” photos they find smokin’ (we’re talking about bacon after all), and if both “like” each other’s profiles, they are directed to a messaging platform where they can get to know one another. The app will be available to download for six months. No word on whether the Wienermobile will provide transportation to first dates.

Scientists Use Yeast to Brew THC, SFGate

Why grow marijuana when you can brew it? That might soon be a logical question as scientists refine a newly created strain of yeast that makes the active ingredient in cannabis, THC... The research is still many years out, but in theory, a beer yeast could also produce THC. 'People keep asking about it,' as researcher told the Times. 'But there’s bigger potential there than just making a beer.'

Lake Valley Ranked 9th Most Dangerous Fire in California History, NBCBayArea

The 70,000-acre Valley Fire in Lake, Sonoma and Napa counties that has claimed one life and injured four firefighters is expected to be among the most damaging California wildfires ever, Cal Fire said. The Valley Fire is currently ranked ninth based on the number of structures damaged, according to Cal Fire statistics, but its rank will likely change when the fire is contained and full damage is assessed, fire officials said.

*To find out how you can help those affected by the Lake Valley Fire, click here.

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