The Best Cannabis Tinctures, Topicals + Bath Soaks Handcrafted in the Bay Area
(Courtesy of Whoopi & Maya)

The Best Cannabis Tinctures, Topicals + Bath Soaks Handcrafted in the Bay Area


What could sound more hippie dippie than a cannabis tincture? But really, these droppers full of magical potions are the easiest entrée in the wide world of medical marijuana—and a perfect option for anyone wishing to ease tension without getting high.

There are topical tinctures and balms designed to soothe everything from everyday sore muscles to joint pain and skin disorders; ones that you put under your tongue to relieve PMS and cramps; bath salts with enough THC to give you a body buzz; and even a little somethin-somethin for your pup.

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The (Bath) Bomb: Whoopi & Maya's Soak

Om Edibles' founder Maya Elisabeth has teamed with Whoopi (yes, that Whoopi) on a luxurious line of cannabis edibles and relaxation products geared to women. We love the pretty packaging of the brand's new bath soaks, made with pharmacological grade Epsom salt, sun-grown cannabis, and therapeutic essential oils. Simply draw a hot bath and add a half to a whole jar of Soak, and let your skin (and your colon) absorb all the healing effects. Whoopi & Maya Soak is available in a woody Amber Moon scent, as well as relaxing lavender or unscented for the allergy prone. // Whoopi & Maya Soak ($14) is available in dispensaries throughout the Bay Area, including Harvest;

(Courtesy of Flour Child)

Muscle Melter: Flour Child's Relief Balm

Did you know you can melt away muscle tension with cannabis topical balms, and no, they don't have to make you smell like weed. The SF collective Flour Child, which specializes in products high in cannabidiol (CBD)—a cannabinoid that's responsible for many of the physical benefits you get from smoking but without the psychoactive effects—makes the best balm around. With mango and kokum butters, this potion is as moisturizing as it is relaxing and, with fragrances including lavender mint, rose geranium, and lemongrass (as well as unscented), you'll smell as delicious as you feel. — Andrea Brooks // Flour Child Relief Balm ($25 for 1.5oz jar) is available at select dispensaries throughout the Bay Area;

Your Personal Masseuse: Little Green Bee's Medicated Massage Oil

When local botanist and chemist Bridget May got curious about the science of cannabis as medicine, she ditched her job in the pharmaceutical industry and started to get all DIY. Using whole plant cannabis extract along with other healing herbs (chamomile, calendula, vitamin C), she formulated a medicated massage oil designed to ease pain and calm skin irritated by inflammation, psoriasis, and eczema. Tuck the small roller bottle in your makeup bag and roll a little on your temples or on your neck the next time you're stuck working late and miss that yoga class. —A.B. // Little Green Bee Medicated Massage Oil ($10) is available at Sava,;

(Courtesy of Sweet ReLeaf)

The Anti-Pain-Pill: Sweet ReLeaf Original Deeply Soothing Body Butter

Have you ever walked away from an accident with a list of prescription painkillers? Having seen a family member struggle with this very issue, only to move on to try a myriad of cannabis topicals that were too sticky, too smelly, or not strong enough, Didi Davis took to her kitchen and emerged with the sweetest cannabis body butter you can imagine. With a base of shea butter, coconut, and essential oils blended with extract from potent cannabis trichomes, Sweet ReLeaf is both pleasant and effective for soothing joint pain, insomnia, and even cramps. Yes, please. —A.B. // Sweet ReLeaf Original Body Butter ($20 for 1oz.),

(Courtesy of Moxie Meds)

Take That, Aunt Flow: Moxie Meds

Are you on to the fact that cannabis is the cure for menstrual cramps? The women behind Moxie Meds set out to make that time of the month more manageable with tinctures that not only bring you pain-relieving cannabis, but also an extra dose of beta-caryophyllene (BCP), a dietary cannabinoid—found in basil, kale, and rosemary as well as in cannabis—that's known for its anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Moxie Meds offers a 1:1 Relief formula as well as a 4:1 CBD to THC Recovery formula for easing hormonal ups and downs, mood swings, anxiety, and inflammation. —A.B. // Moxie Meds tinctures ($30-$60) are available at Harborside (Oakland), CBCB (Berkeley) and via Sava (online);

Biodynamic Spa Treat: HerbaBuena's Kneaded Cannabis Massage Oil

Cannabis topicals are exploding in popularity, but so is concern over the source of their ingredients. Based in the North Bay, HerbaBuena is pioneering the country's first-ever Demeter-Certified Biodynamic cannabis—think of it like a USDA Organic certification, which isn't available to bud yet given its federal Schedule I status. This guarantees that all of HerbaBuena's flowers are sustainably grown outdoors and chemical-free. And beautifully for us, the company's muy bueno herb is being infused with almond and avocado oils to make their Kneaded massage oil, which packs 500 milligrams of THC (or 50 doses) in a two-ounce bottle. This stuff is great for relieving sore muscles, tension, inflammation, and skin disorders. —David Downs // HerbaBuena Kneaded Massage Oil ($40),

(Courtesy of Cannabis Reports, via Flickr)

Pot for Pets: TreatWell 20:1 Cannabis Tincture

Humans aren't the only ones with disorders straight out of the DSM-5. Did you know you can treat your pet's anxiety, as well as joint pain, inflammation and even seizures, with cannabis? TreatWell is a San Francisco–based maker of gluten-free pet biscuits and high-quality cannabis tinctures that come in a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio to ease Fluffy's woes without getting her stoned. Do note that TreatWell also offers a 1:1 tincture (which is non-psychoactive in small doses) for pets who have more acute pain or need extra relief at the end of their life. —Chloe Hennen // TreatWell 20:1 Pet Tincture ($30 for .5oz) is available in select Bay Area dispensaries (including Oakland's Harborside) and at Sava,;

Creme de CBD: Mendocino Medicinal

From a group of wise women in Mendocino County comes Mendocino Medicinal, a line of tinctures and creams formulated by multigenerational masters of CBD—no wonder their CBD-rich flowers have been winning Emerald Cup awards for years. They have a bone cream for arthritis and osteoporosis; a kelp balm for acne and skin irritations; an ocean facial mist, and more. —Flavia Cassani // Mendocino Medicinal,

Meet our Cannabis Guide Authors:

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Andrea Brooks is the San Francisco–based founder and CEO ofSava, an online marketplace for high-quality, hand-crafted cannabis goods.

David Downs is a San Francisco–based award-winning freelance journalist, best-selling author, and 7x7's Cannabis Insider columnist.

Jimi Devine has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2005. He writes for SFGate's "Smell the Truth," Cannabis Now, and more.

Amanda Reiman, PhD, is a cannabis expert, vegan, Oakland evangelist, and teaches classes on sex and drugs at UC Berkeley.

Flavia Cassani is a cannabis enthusiast, entrepreneur, Flow Kana cofounder, and environmental devotee.

Chloé Hennenis 7x7's editor in chief who got curious about cannabis in the Bay Area and decided to make this guide.

Check out the rest of our Friendly Guide to Bay Area Cannabis for all the best local dispensaries, edibles, flowers, experiences + more!

(Illustrations by Julia Barzizza)

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