Crack a Cold One: 8 Legit Canned Wines & Cocktails You'll Actually Love
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Crack a Cold One: 8 Legit Canned Wines & Cocktails You'll Actually Love


Tourist season is a fading memory, school is back in session, and with several weeks of San Francisco's finest weather ahead of us, it's time to spread out, kick back and properly enjoy our beaches, parks and backyards. While you soak up the sun, it's critical to stay properly hydrated.

Canned wine and cocktails are great picnic choices: Single-serving aluminum cans are lighter weight than glass (and may be taken to places where glass may not), chill more quickly and, most importantly, they now contain high quality contents. You can sip vintage varietal wines or pop the lid on cocktails crafted with top shelf spirits and bitters.

Plus, there are plenty of great options coming out of Northern California. As always, we've done the heavy lifting for you. Enjoy!

St. Mayhem

Napa Valley's Art Farm Wine has been bottling well regarded varietals and blends since 2008. In 2012 they added the St. Mayhem label to allow expansion into more esoteric realms—think sauvignon blanc aged with fresh cut jalapeño and habanero peppers, and coffee brewed with merlot instead of water. Someone had to do it, right? Earlier this summer they rolled out their first canned craft wine cooler: Ginger Loves Company. This bright, innovative treat was made by aging organic peaches and organic ground ginger in chardonnay. Soon to follow: Tao of Mint (a rosé herb blend) and Spicy Lil Fkr (a white wine spritzer dosed with hot peppers). This is definitely not your mother's Bartles and Jaymes. // St. Mayhem ($25 per 250ml four pack) is available at select Whole Foods;

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