9 Cannabis and CBD Products for Everyday Wellness

9 Cannabis and CBD Products for Everyday Wellness


Many of us have had our fair share of #MeTime lately. For some of us, this has meant incorporating new products into our regimens (for better or for worse). In the spirit of mixing up our daily routines (for the better!), we've pulled together a list of our cannabis and CBD favorites.

If daily use of cannabis or CBD products makes you wonder how that high will impact you, not to worry. These products were carefully chosen as options that either have none of the high, thanks to hemp-based CBD, or can be easily micro-dosed. Whether you're looking to kickstart your day, need a microdose along the way, or are seeking a tranquil way to cap the night, here are nine amazing products that fit the bill, all available to buy at Caliva or CalivaCBD.

​Deli by Caliva Nickels Gummies

Open up a pack of delicious and delightful edibles. Deli Nickels come in four flavors and have just the right balance of fruity flavor and 5mg of THC in each gummy. You'll get the classic (yummy) gummy experience at an affordable price ($15/pouch)—talk about bang for your buck. For an uplifting buzz, consider picking up the Sour Green Apple option with sativa, perfect for that balance of sweet and sour punch.

​Papa & Barkley's 1:1 Releaf Tincture

If your bed is calling you after a long day, we get it. Nothing says calming like your pillows, blankets, and bed. Before you drift off into dreamland, why not get extra cozy with a low-dose THC/CBD tincture that can help as you wind down? Papa & Barkley's 1:1 Releaf Tincture ($80) is perfectly balanced, promising all the benefits of THC with none of its psychoactivity. This tincture is a fantastic way to create your own oasis—in both mind and body.

​Potli's Hemp Honey Stick

Double down on tranquility with Potli's Hemp Honey Stick, the perfect addition to a calming cup of chamomile tea or all by itself. We know you'll be reaching for these sticks while you're at home, but should you happen to need a little sweetness while you're out, these also make great travel companions. Each stick contains 10mg of hemp-derived CBD and offers a nostalgic way to incorporate CBD into your every day.

Kikoko Tranquili-Tea

Pull on your comfy pants and brew a pot of Kikoko Tranquili-Tea ($7/sachet)—you'll be on your way to chill town in no time. This infused beverage is a tried and true way to help you wind down before bed thanks to a robust blend of peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, cornflower petals, and a lower potency (2.4mg) of THC. It's no wonder this tea is a Caliva customer favorite. After a restful sleep, you'll be more than ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

​Well by Caliva Moisturizing CBD Serum

Restore your skin—and your self-care regimen—with Well by Caliva CBD serum ($49), an everyday serum made with simple, naturally-derived ingredients, including MCT oil and 200mg of hemp CBD, to keep skin hydrated. Apply to targeted areas that need some extra hydration, or add a drop to your favorite moisturizer to give your skin a little CBD TLC.

​Soul Grind CBD-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Start your day with a different kind of grind - calm energy from Soul Grind, that is. You might wonder what cold brew coffee has to do with keeping calm, but as soon as you try Soul Grind CBD-infused cold brew ($60/12-pack or $5/can), you'll find that this smooth, refreshing drink may be your new go-to for grounded energy. The organic cold brew coffee has no added sugar, no dairy, and no gluten. What it does have is 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD that will bring you the perfect balance between focus and tranquility. The high-quality CBD absorbs quickly, so your calm energy will come easily. Hello, new favorite drink.

​Well by Caliva Mellow Out CBD Bath Bomb

There's no better way to end the day and wash away stress than a relaxing bath. The next time you need a long, tranquil soak, add the Well by Caliva CBD Bath Bomb ($18) and feel your worries melt away. These bath bombs will help mend both your body and your soul with relaxing lavender and peppermint oils as well as 60mg of hemp-derived CBD. Treat yourself to this luxe experience and feel how the aroma calms your senses as it infuses with the warm bathwater.

​Caliva Venom OG

Don't let the name fool you, this flower scores high on chill vibes. Caliva Venom OG has less bite than its name implies. With a lower dose of THC (17.06%), its effect is perfect for when you're seeking a little calm away from the chaos.

Dosist Relief Dose Pen

Sometimes we all need to take a step back for a moment to find some solace and relief. Dosist's Relief Dose Pen is our answer. With a CBD-rich formula, the 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio is perfect for whatever relief you're seeking. Each single-use pen comes with at least 50 doses, so they offer a convenient way to microdose when you just want to take the edge off. Go ahead, give yourself that sense of relief you deserve.

No matter how you incorporate cannabis or CBD into your daily life—whether it's with CBD tinctures, lower potency THC flowers, microdose pens, or a mix of them all—these nine products are sure to supplement your daily regimen. Seek out your new faves at caliva.com or calivacbd.com.

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