(Photography by Jen Woo)

Happy Place: Every Ridiculously Fun Thing to Do at the Museum of Ice Cream


Enter a world where gummy bears grow out of the ground, push pops are bigger than humans, the sky is filled with cherries, and you can swim in a pool of sprinkles under dazzling neon heavens.

Entirely different than the iterations in New York and Los Angeles, the magical (and sold out) Museum of Ice Cream finally opens in San Francisco this weekend, and has already announced the extension of its dates through February 2018. This is music to the ears of those who weren't able to snag admission in the first round of ticket sales.

You'll begin your journey down a flight of bubblegum pink stairs through a hallway holding the history of ice cream: from its beginnings in 618 AD during the Chinese Tang Dynasty to the 1970s when former President Barack Obama got his first job scooping ice cream in Honolulu to 2016 when the first Museum of Ice Cream was opened in NYC.

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store. Click through for 24 sweet ways to spend the day!

View the vault that hasn't been open since the 1980's and take a spin on the handles.

Photo by Jen Woo

And finally when you reenter the outside world, be prepared to answer questions on what the exhibit is all about. Out front, a man in a pickup truck pointed at the rainbow unicorn in the window and asked us, "What is this place? There's a horse with a d*ck on its head." Oh, San Francisco.

// Museum of Ice Cream opens Sunday, September 17 at 1 Grant Avenue (Union Square), museumoficecream.com

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