Apothecarium offers bizarre discounts on weed for CEOs, engineers and other fancy types [Updated]
(Courtesy of @apothecariumsf)

Apothecarium offers bizarre discounts on weed for CEOs, engineers and other fancy types [Updated]


If anyone needs a discount on now-pricier-than-ever cannabis, it's probably not your CEO.

Nonetheless, the Apothecarium—known and loved for its posh, chandelier-lit dispensaries and quality offering—today announced that it will offer 20 percent off recreational weed to San Francisco's highest earners. Because that makes sense.

Starting Monday, January 22nd through Friday the 26th, you, assuming you are not a CEO, need just bring your CEO for a field trip to Apothecarium's new SoMa outpost and you'll each receive 20 percent off your purchase—that's more than enough to make up for the new 15 percent luxury tax on recreational cannabis.

(Courtesy of Apothecarium)

Not a CEO or feel too awkward saying, Hey boss, if you'll just come to this dispensary with me I'll spot you some flower so I can get a discount because you don't really pay me enough to live in San Francisco and afford my now-blossoming organic cannabis habit, fear not: Apothecarium will also be offering 20 percent discounts to lawyers (Monday, Jan. 22); programmers and engineers (Tuesday, Jan. 23); architects and designers (Wednesday, Jan. 24); marketers and salespeople (Thursday, Jan. 25); and assistants and admins (Friday, Jan. 26). All you need do is show your business card.

Apothecarium purports to be offering these discounts in the name of fighting stigma: "The discounts are intended to remind the public that many people who enjoy cannabis are also high achieving professionals." And we're all for fighting stigma! God knows weed has gotten a bad rap. But here in the Bay Area, our CEOs are holding well-publicized orgies in the Silicon Valley and over-the-top, obviously-drug-fueled shenanigans at Burning Man. Is this really the stigma that needs fighting?

Want to put your love of cannabis to work for someone who really needs it? At Purple Star(2520 Mission St.), partial proceeds on your primo flower will be donated to nonprofits including Shanti Project and the SF LGBT Community Center.


*Update, 1.17.18, 1:40pm: Shortly after this article was published, 7x7 received an update from Apothecarium's public relations guy, Eliot Dobris, who informs us that the dispensary has dispensed with its Bring Your CEO discount and is instead offering the 20 percent discount to you and any colleague you choose to bring. And also construction workers, who will now be eligible for the deal on Friday, Jan. 26 in an effort, Dobris says, to reach out to neighbors in SoMa and FiDi where "one of the most common jobs in the area" is construction. Mkay.

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